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Donate Books - Support The Cause :
Donate a book and give a gift of learning. At, we are honored to take up a small effort to "gift every child the joy of reading". Here we provide the smart and smooth platform to donate your used books that are piling up in the corner of your room or overflowing from your book shelves. Donating the books, support thousands of less fortunate children in India that are willing to learn but unable to do so because of financial problem. From homeless to poor kids, from senior to young children - everyone benefit from these used books donated to charity.

Our Objective :
We are an online education hub that understands the importance of learning and provide parents a platform to buy every necessary item to send their child to school. Here we believe that education is the right of every child that is why we take it a responsibility to help underprivileged children through the donated books by people. We request and help people to donate the books to charities that find the right hand and home for these books. So, share the pleasure of reading and learning with the other kids by donating books to charity or school library.

An Opportunity To Do Some Charity :
In our country, people usually resold the discarded books to the hawkers that are ignorant of the value of books. Usually they scrape the pages of good readable books and use it as snack plate but owner of the books should know its value and donate it to the needy. At, we give people an opportunity to donate a book to someone in need and earn a Good Karma. No money and no effort are needed to give a smile to a child who wants to learn. Just give your unused books to charity so it can be utilized by students that are not able to purchase it. A small exchange of used books can immensely help so many students.

All Kinds Of Books Accepted :
We gladly accept all sorts of books that are in good readable condition. From academic books to dictionaries and encyclopedias, from foreign-language books to technical books, here you can donate any book to students that are in tight financial situation and need you small help to keep up with their studies. We assist you to connect with local charities and schedule a pickup of your donated books.

Way To Donate Your Books :
Donation of books through us is simple and fast. To give a greatest gift of learning and reading, just fill up our simple form given below. It will take just your few minutes to fill in the details so the local charities that are in need of books can contact you and schedule a fast pickup.

Help to give books in the hands of every kid who need them by donating it today!

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