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We offer a convenient platform to Play-Schools, Schools and other Educational Institutions
to advertise and market their services and educational programs.



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Welcome to! We are India's leading marketplace for the educational services industry. Edupaytion offers a convenient platform to play-schools, schools and other educational institutions to advertise and market their services and educational programs. Edupaytion provides an easy platform for parents and students to find and analyze multiple education services and courses.

Why EduPaytion?

Edupaytion is an integrated solution to fulfill all academic and administrative requirement of education system.
  • Find your best match

    For all educational related needs, we are a one-stop destination. With us you can search for best schools, play schools or any other educational institutes around the entire city, in a hassle free way. We are connected with wide network of best educational institutes and schools and provide you a chance to find a best match for you based on your requirement and budget.
  • Advanced Technology

    Edupaytion will help you make your organization's performance more efficient. High level security, using best servers with unlimited bandwidth and Speed, Easy to customize and change in information as per requirement, Provides real time information and Transparency in operations.
  • We're here to help

    For any queries related to above mentioned courses, please reach out to us. We provide 24/7 customer support.