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Welcome to! We are India's leading marketplace for the educational services industry. Edupaytion offers a convenient platform to play-schools, schools and other educational institutions to advertise and market their services and educational programs. Edupaytion provides an easy platform for parents and students to find and analyze multiple education services and courses.

Whether you are looking for play-school, coaching classes, activity classes or any specialized courses such as digital marketing or interior designing etc. You can Discover! Analyse! Enrol! for multiple educational and professional courses on edupaytion.

What We Offer?

Edupaytion provides an online facility for all educational institutions to manage and interact with parents, students and teachers in a convenient way. We have developed an institution management platform that can be used by play schools, schools, colleges and other educational institutions for day-to-day administration and easy interaction between parents, students and teachers.

Our Mission

To lead a Digital Revolution In Education by creating a platform for allthe educational institutions, parents and students where they can find everything related to their education.