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There are certain methods or approaches on exactly how to study for exams. These methods can help you effectively to prepare for exams in a hassle free way. The time before exams is the time when you not only need to be more focused but should also know how to relax. Nervousness can affect your mind badly and can leave you in a lot of stress. You must know how to keep your brain calm to remember information and to learn things in a quicker and easier way. The following tips will ultimately help you do better in exams-

1.) Organize your time properly for exams

Before you start studying for exams, it is always helpful to spend some time to organize your time for each subject proficiently. You should spare more time in a day on longer or not so strong subjects and divide rest of your time for short subjects. This way, you can able to devote good amount of time on each subject and can gather most information before exams.

2.) Revise what you have learnt in a relaxed way

Practice revision before going to sleep or after you wake up. At that time your mind is quite relaxed, so you can revise your study material with much ease which you have already learnt. Do not relax much on a seat and instead start walking that can further help in revising things more quickly and efficiently.

3.) Speak out loud and make points instead of simply writing

Speaking out loud may be disturbing for other members in your home, but give it a go! It really helps in remembering your study material. Also, it is always helpful if you prepare short notes by using sub-heads and give it a quick reading before you prepare for an exam. It makes you remember what all you have learnt for that particular subject or a topic. Try it out, it really helps!

4.) Write the questions of previous years exams

This can be your help guide when you prepare for an exam. Do not write answers and just focus on writing questions from previous years’ exams. This way you can help yourself know the most important parts in the subject.

5.) Turn off all social sites and apps for few days for better concentration on studies

Today, you can take help of technology in education, but at times your entertainment apps and social sites can be really distracting. Therefore, learning self control on such technologies is very important. By blocking these sites and apps for the time being can help you to avoid distractions and study well.  

6.) Regular study breaks are important to take

It is always important to give a break to your brain which is regularly working. Taking short regular breaks will not only help in making your brain feel relaxed but also keep you focused and motivated when you studying for long hours. Take a short break after an hour of study and this way you can concentrate more and can learn quickly and easily. Give this method a must try!

7.) Practice, practice and more practice

Take sample papers and practice them regularly when you prepare for exams. This is the best way to put all your knowledge what you have learnt throughout your study period. To be more precise create a realistic, exam like conditions and take help form your parents to give out new quiz tool. The more you practice the more perfect you will become.

8.) Teach your friend what you have learnt so far

Learning by teaching really works! Teaching your friends can help in revising your whole study material with much efficiency. By doing this you can not only guide your friends but can also add much knowledge to yourself by remembering and practicing the material all over again. This can be a good practice session when preparing for your examination and helping your study buddy in the meantime.

9.) Create a study schedule and follow it

Split your study material into chucks subject wise to understand what you have already achieved and what left. This way, you can track what all you have already covered for that particular subject. This can make you happy and can motivate you to accomplish more.

10.) Use flow charts, color codes and diagrams

When revising and learning, visual aids can be really helpful. Challenge yourself and write down everything you know at the start of the topic and then highlight where the gaps lie. As you come closer to the exam, condense your revision notes into one-page diagrams using color codes. Putting your own ideas on the paper in brief format will help you quickly recall everything you need to know during the exam.

So, remember all these tips carefully and make sure to keep yourself hydrated on the exam day beforehand as it helps in letting your brain work at its best. Good luck and do well!

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